IZFEN Engineering - Electrical Infrastructure Projects

An appropriate infrastructure must be established in order to transfer the energy obtained from the power plant accurately and without loss. A correctly calculated underground cabling process should be applied in order to deliver the electricity generated by the panels to its destination without loss and in the safest way. Transformer centers provide the safe and correct transmission of electricity to low voltage and medium voltage networks. When we combine a properly and correctly structured infrastructure with a suitable transformer center, we can transfer the energy we obtain in the most accurate way.

A transmission line is required for the transfer of electricity between networks in a safe and correct manner. Power transmission lines are interconnection elements that enable the electricity generated in the power plant to reach its target. An expert study and proper calculations are required to ensure the transfer of the energy obtained without loss and in the safest way. As IZFEN Energy company, we determine the appropriate infrastructure needs in the projects we undertake, and work towards this.