IZFEN – Topographic Land and Roof Studies

The correct topographic work in the assembly phases of the Energy Projects directly affects the correct operation of the project with a certain precision.Therefore, all the main points of the project area, Transformer Center, Inverters, Energy Transmission Line GPS System (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) can be used with 2 mm topographic accuracy. marked as.


In the topographic studies we have done, we create the useful area where the facility can be built, by associating it with the geographical structure of the land, the existing Fault Lines map and the Environmental Plan, and in accordance with the existing Soil Protection Laws. Generally, it is not possible to build Power Plants, Irrigated Agricultural Lands and in areas that disrupt Agricultural Integrity.

In Land and Roof Projects, we carry out a detailed cartography study with our accurate and high precision Topographic Devices in order to make accurate and easy installation.

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