IZFEN – Renewable Energy

In parallel with the increasing population around the world, energy needs are increasing at the same rate. The necessity to use energy resources more efficiently for this arises and brings about the search for new energy resources. Thus, research and development studies on renewable energy sources show us the importance of renewable energy engineering. IZFEN Engineering aims to use energy resources in the most efficient way with its studies on renewable energy systems.


Renewable Power Plants

IZFEN operates in renewable energy plants, especially solar power plants. Solar energy has the largest place among renewable energy sources and is a structure that renews itself every day. From the intense summer sunshine 200 days a year and last among the richest countries in solar energy solar energy in Turkey, winter electricity can be produced. Our country is very valuable to utilize solar energy potential and has a structure that can significantly reduce the energy costs of businesses. Although we have such a rich renewable energy source, we use a potential of only 2.5%. With the solar power plants and renewable energy facilities to be established, we can obtain a large part of our country’s energy need with the efficiency we get from the sun.

IZFEN Renewable Energy Engineering

IZFEN Engineering carries out R&D studies to create innovation and increase awareness in the renewable energy sector. We know that renewable energy sources are our future, and we are improving our efforts towards this day by day. Our competent engineers in the field of renewable energy, our R&D studies and Know-How carry us to innovation.