IZFEN – Research & Development

IZFEN Engineering, began his career in Turkey after the turning point in the industry’s signature threw many domestic and foreign projects. Since its establishment, many facilities have been designed and commissioned, especially in the renewable energy sector. In this direction, we deliver and deliver turnkey projects, primarily Solar Power Plants, Wind, Biomass and Biogas, Cogeneration facilities. In addition, IZFEN Engineering plays an active role in Energy Transmission Lines, Transformer Centers, Reducing Centers, Distribution Centers projects.

IZFEN Engineering has always managed to keep up with the developing technology and has a company structure that constantly improves itself. For this reason, we attach great importance to R & D activities in the works we carry out in the sector and we continue our investments in this sense. When the R&D activities we do by adopting the belief of “best service” to our customers meet with the developing technology, the phenomenon we define as “innovation” emerges.

Within the Scope of IZFEN Engineering R & D Studies;

  • To strengthen the technological infrastructure, to generate knowledge for new technologies,
  • To reduce the cost in the production sector, to increase the quality and efficiency,
  • Ensuring technology transfer and adaptation to the needs of the sectors,
  • It aims to commercialize the technological and scientific knowledge produced.