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Biomass energy is an energy source that has a great place in alternative energy sources and can store carbon through photosynthesis as long as solar energy is available. Biomass facilities can produce energy in solid, liquid and gas forms depending on the need. In addition, the fact that the energy obtained from biomass power plants can be easily stored provides an advantage over other renewable energy sources.

What is a Biomass Plant?

While organic substances, which are sources of energy, are synthesized by photosynthesis, the released oxygen is released into the atmosphere. In other words, power plants designed to produce energy from biological wastes that will decompose in nature are named as biomass plants.

Biomass Energy Agenda

  • To reduce environmental pollution caused by fossil based fuels.
  • Minimizing the health risks of exhaust emissions.
  • Ensuring energy security and reducing foreign dependency in energy.
  • Helping to achieve rural development.

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