IZFEN ENERGY- Electrical Infrastructure Works

As Izfen Energy and Engineering, we carefully carry out the electrical infrastructure works, transformer, inverter and panel installations of the facilities in the projects we undertake. As a result of detailed calculations and the needs of the facilities, we bring together the appropriate solutions and create the right infrastructures and enable the transfer of the energy produced in your facilities in a safe and lossless manner.

Low - Medium Voltage Networks

An electrical network must be established in order to carry the electrical energy produced or to be transferred from one place to another, this is called an electricity network. A good infrastructure and a good network system must be established in order to transfer electricity in an uninterrupted and lossless manner.

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Transformer Centers

Transformer centers are stations that increase the electrical voltage in the power plants where electrical energy is produced and reduce it to the desired level in the area of use, ensuring safe use. Transformer centers provide the opportunity to use the electricity by reducing the energy to the desired level at the place of use.

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Energy Transmission Lines

Power transmission lines are the transmission lines that enable the planned electrical energy to be transmitted from the power plants to the distribution lines. It enables the transmission of the energy produced in the power generation facilities to the transformer stations in the consumption areas and enables the transmission of electricity from these stations to the end consumer.

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Environment and Road Lighting

Environment and road lighting are the works created by calculating the appropriate points of the power plant in order to ensure the safety of the facilities and to perform the field work that may occur at night in a healthier manner. The necessary lighting needs are calculated in the field of the plant where the installation is made and a study is carried out accordingly.

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