IZFEN – Energy Efficiency Engineering

IZFEN Energy Efficiency Engineering covers activities performed with less energy consumption without sacrificing work quality and facility activities. It covers the whole of data monitoring solutions, development and related activities, aiming to use the existing resources in a more logical and optimal level. With our competent engineers and Know-How studies, we plan facilities that will reduce energy consumption and operate at maximum efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Control

Energy efficiency control covers all activities performed with less energy consumption without compromising the quality of a job. For example, it can be explained as reducing the amount of energy used in an industrial facility to the optimum level without any decrease in production quality and production amount.

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Lighting Engineering

Lighting engineering covers the activities required at many points of living and working areas. With the developing LED lighting technology, suitable indoor and outdoor lighting opportunities are provided by saving energy within the scope of energy efficiency. We are creating innovation in space lighting with much less energy consumption with LED technology, which is frequently used as a result of energy efficiency studies and has developed significantly in recent years.

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Green Building Solutions

Green building solutions are the construction practices that are built within the framework of certain standards and cause much less damage to residents and environmental factors than standard buildings. Green building solutions cover the projects of buildings that can use existing resources in the most efficient way by adhering to environmental responsibility. It covers energy efficiency principles in detail in planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation activities, taking into account environmental responsibility.

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Data Monitoring Solutions

Energy needs and consumption are increasing rapidly due to the increasing population worldwide. In line with the increasing need and consumption, the concept of energy efficiency has gained great importance and is needed in terms of reducing costs and protecting environmental factors. Energy efficiency is the improvements made on resources with less cost without sacrificing the productivity and comfort required by the consumers. Energy efficiency maximizes savings and prevents unnecessary costs.

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Scada Systems

Scada systems are the name given to central systems that control all sites and monitor data. With Scada systems, all field control operations are carried out automatically by remote terminal units. It performs data collection, equipment condition analysis and meter readings. Scada systems are generally used in production, refining, electricity generation, etc. It is used in industrial areas such as.

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