IZFEN Energy – Environment and Road Lighting

Environment and road lighting are the works created by calculating the appropriate points of the power plant in order to ensure the safety of the facilities and to carry out the field studies that may occur at night in a healthier manner. The necessary lighting needs are calculated in the field of the plant where the installation is made and a study is carried out accordingly. Lighting poles are supported by electrical infrastructure and a bright image is created within the boundaries of the established facility.

As a result of the necessary calculations in the projected facility area, lighting poles are placed at certain points, including road and facility security. Together with these lighting poles, the facility is illuminated reasonably and the viewing angle is provided. These studies for ease of transportation and visibility in case of any mishaps that may occur at night are important for the safety of the facility sites. With correct calculations, it is projected so that the same illumination degree can occur at every point of the facility.

The widening of the viewing angles of the lighting systems security and facility monitoring cameras is important for a clear view. For this reason, security cameras are placed at the points where the lighting poles are located. The facility is transformed into a safer and brighter environment by installing security cameras along with adequate lighting at critical points of the facility.