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An electrical network needs to be established to carry the electrical energy produced or to be transferred from one place to another, this is called an electricity network. A good infrastructure and a good network system must be established in order to transfer electricity in an uninterrupted and lossless manner. For this reason, different voltage levels are used in order to make good planning and to transfer electricity without loss. Low voltage networks and medium voltage networks are among the ones we use and install in our systems. To summarize them;

  • Low voltage networks (between 0 – 1 kV)
  • Medium voltage networks (between 1kV – 35kV)

Low Voltage Networks

Voltage between 1 and 1000 V is considered low voltage. Low voltage networks may in some cases be insufficient for electrical energy transmission and transmission of electrical energy over long distances. Power drops and losses are high in low voltage, so low voltage networks are used in the transfer of electrical energy to residential and work places.


Medium Voltage Networks

Voltage in the range of 1000 V (1 kW) and 35,000 V (35 kW) is considered medium voltage. These networks are used in the process of connecting high and very high voltage networks and low voltage networks. Sending high voltage directly to subscribers is not suitable for both security and isolation. Therefore, medium voltage networks are used to reduce high voltages. Medium voltage networks are used to transport electrical energy to small cities and industrial sites.

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