Power Plant Solutions

In direct proportion to the increase in the number of people living in the world, energy needs are constantly increasing around the world. In order to meet these energy needs, power plants that can generate and transmit energy have been established.

Energy is produced and consumed from various raw materials, especially renewable energy sources. There are many power plant solutions that can generate and deliver the needed energy.

IZFEN Power Plant Applications

IZFEN provides services in many power plant solutions in energy generation and transmission. Our main areas of activity are Renewable Energy Facilities, and we carry out the Design Engineering of Power Plants, Material Supply and Turnkey Installation activities.

In this direction, we deliver and deliver turnkey projects, primarily Solar Power Plants, Wind, Biomass and Biogas, Cogeneration facilities. In addition, we also offer Turnkey solutions in Energy Transmission Lines, Transformer Centers, Reducing Centers, Distribution Centers projects.


Since 2011, IZFEN Energy has gained experience in Power Plant Development, Project Design, Material Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 180MW power in total.