IZFEN – Energy Transmission Lines


Power transmission lines are the transmission lines that enable the transmission of the planned electrical energy from the power plants to the distribution lines. It enables the transmission of the energy produced in the power generation facilities to the transformer stations in the consumption areas and enables the transmission of electricity from these stations to the end consumer. It is important to construct energy transmission lines in a controlled and planned manner in order to reach the target with minimum loss of energy.

Energy transmission lines are interconnection elements that are built on the condition of adhering to certain standards and that allow the transmission of the energy produced in the power plant to remote points. Transmission lines are generally lines created to transfer energy connected to main building blocks such as poles with different construction structures, conductors, grounding equipment, hardware sets and insulator equipment.

Energy Transmission Lines Construction

Energy transmission lines are built in controlled and specific areas. Certain considerations need to be taken into account in order to transfer electricity safely with minimum loss. Before the transmission lines are built, the energy to be transported is calculated by considering the data of the region. For this purpose, safe and lossless transmission line installation is started with certain engineering calculations.

Criteria such as the route of the transmission line, geographical situation, land condition, security position of the line are important when constructing energy transmission lines by examining certain issues in the projects we undertake.


High and Low Voltage

Energy transmission lines are handled in two different stages as high voltage and low voltage. The most important factor that separates high voltage and low voltage power lines from each other is the voltage of the energy they carry.

High Voltage Lines: These are the energy transmission lines laid between the power plant and the campus.

Low Voltage Lines: It is used in urban network distributions at the target where the electricity reaches.