IZFEN ENERGY- Renewable Energy Production Facilities

Izfen Engineering, which has a company history of about ten years, has accomplished many domestic and foreign projects at the turning points of its business life. He played a role as a founder in several projects in the renewable energy sector in Turkey. We are aware that renewable energy is our future and we continue our business life by supporting this with our superior engineering designs.

Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants (SPP) are the name given to the system established to convert the energy received from the sun into electrical energy. Energy from the sun can be stored as electrical energy by means of photovoltaic modules and other equipment.

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Wind Power Plants

Wind power plants are the name given to a production facility that is formed by the combination of equipment that converts wind energy, which consists of temperature, pressure and humidity phenomena created by solar energy on the earth, into electrical energy.

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Biomass Plants

Biomass energy is an energy source that has a great place in alternative energy sources and can store carbon through photosynthesis as long as solar energy is available.

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Biogas Plants

Biogas facilities are the name given to energy facilities that produce biogas for heating and energy generation. Biogas is a gas produced by animal and vegetable wastes other than natural gas or other flammable gases.

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