IZFEN Structural Engineering – Restoration

Projects in structural engineering are not always about building a new building from scratch. Structural engineering includes the concept of restoration as well as construction. It is based on renewing, strengthening or transforming an existing building into an original structure. The name given to the arrangement of a building in this way is restoration. Restoration serves to restore a structure, arrange it to serve a different purpose, or strengthen it, so it has an important place in structural engineering.

Restoration Stages

Before starting the restoration process on a building, a project is created as a result of fine calculations by taking detailed images of the building. The first step of the restoration is the preparation phase, plans and sections are created by considering all the factors of the building in the preparation phase. In line with these plans, the restoration of the building is started with engineering techniques without causing any errors.

In the second stage of the restoration, the intervention procedures to be applied to the building are determined within the plan. The third stage is passed in line with the established plan and determined intervention procedures.


The third stage in the restoration includes intervention in the building in line with the objectives. The structure can be strengthened, its design can be changed or renewed with the intervention made to the building in line with the determined goals.