IZFEN – Robot & Automation

IZFEN Engineering offers solutions in many industrial areas with its British origin partner in the field of robot & automation. With Industry 4.0 technology, based on the principle of communication with each other, the machines will work in communication with each other, analyze data and inform people when necessary. With the know-how technologies we have developed, systems will be operated with less cost, mass production will be realized and possible mistakes will be prevented.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 can be defined as a system qualification, it refers to a three-legged organization. The feet of the organization are divided into the internet of things, internet of services and cyber-physical systems. In industry 4.0, which is based on the principle of communication with each other, machines will work in communication with each other, make data analysis and inform people when necessary.

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Robotic Applications

Robotic applications have started to become widespread and its power to be discovered with Industry 4.0. Robotic applications are projects implemented to increase production speed, to prevent possible errors by determining them beforehand, to reduce workforce by maximizing productivity, to minimize costs and to perform data analysis quickly. Robot technologies that provide production diversity in the industrial field provide fast, low-cost and optimum quality production.

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Production Line Assembly

The production line is also referred to as an assembly line, factory line and is the main element of the organized assembly strategy of a factory or industrial enterprise. In industrial enterprises, the production line is responsible for physically transporting the target product from one station to another and focuses on a mechanical system. Production lines, which are generally made up of conveyor belts, move the product around the production area, allowing a different process to be performed in each region.

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Production Line Dismantling

The production line is part of the assembly strategy created with specific stations within a factory or an industrial enterprise. Assembly lines are a production strategy developed to produce mass production and optimum quality products during the manufacturing and assembly phase of the product. It consists of a band that goes around the production area and performs elements such as adding parts to the physical product and quality control at each station.

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Conveyor Technology

Conveyor technology is used in industrial enterprises to transport heavily loaded products from one point to another. The basic working principle of conveyor systems, which can be used for different purposes in different industrial branches, is to ensure easy access of products from one point to another. With the conveyor technology, businesses started to gain serious advantages in terms of time and labor.

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