IZFEN – Scada Systems

Scada systems are the name given to central systems that control all sites and monitor data. With Scada systems, all field control operations are carried out automatically by remote terminal units. It performs data collection, equipment condition analysis and meter readings. Scada systems are generally used in production, refining, electricity generation, etc. It is used in industrial areas such as. Scada systems usually contain processes that are used to control, analyze and report the process in real time.

With Scada systems, the control of a facility spread over a wide area is developed to be carried out from a single center. Devices that qualify as a single center can be computers, mobile phones or tablets. Apart from a single device, control and monitoring can be performed over multiple devices using network connections.

IZFEN Engineering Scada Solutions

As IZFEN Engineering, we offer data monitoring and analysis solutions for your facilities. With Scada systems installations, we offer you the opportunity to control and analyze your facility, which is spread over a wide area, through a single device. With the Know-How activities and appropriate software solutions we have developed, we can easily perform operations such as facility data analysis, status report, activity monitoring.

Within the scope of Scada Systems installation;

  • Making the facility system traceable at any time,
  • Labor, time and cost savings,
  • Registration and analysis given,
  • Energy tracking and saving,
  • Ability to be aware of possible problems and immediate intervention,
  • Fault detection and recording,
  • It includes reporting and measuring the system operation.