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Solar power plants (SPPs) are the name given to the system established to convert the energy received from the sun into electrical energy. Energy from the sun can be stored as electrical energy by means of photovoltaic modules and other equipment.

Calculators working with solar energy from the past to the present can be given as an example to solar power plants. SPPs are the systems of this example that are much more advanced and capable of producing higher energies. GES systems use solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells to directly convert the sun’s rays into electrical energy and store them through advanced batteries.

Solar Power Plants (SPP) Main Building Components

Photovoltaic (PV) Panel: It is the element that converts the direct rays received from the sun into electrical energy by combining the conductive PV cells on the panel.

Inverter: It is the building block that functions to transfer the direct current energy produced by photovoltaic panels into daily use and to include it in the grid electricity.

Panel Carrier System: It is the mechanism where photovoltaic panels are placed.

Balance of System: These are materials that refer to elements other than the basic building blocks above. To give an example to these, the sustainability level of the system such as Infrastructure, LV – MV Cable, Connector, Parallel Panels, Switchgear Equipment, Low Voltage Panel and Salt, Transformer Post, Medium / High Voltage Panel and Salt, Construction Works, Wire Fences, Lighting, Camera Systems Increasing and protection equipment.


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