Transformer Centers

Transformer centers are stations that increase the electrical voltage in the power plants where electrical energy is produced and reduce it to the desired level in the area of use, ensuring a safe use. Transformer centers provide the opportunity to use the electricity by reducing the energy to the desired level at the place of use. Transformers used to balance the current of the generated electricity must have a solid insulation.


Substation Installation

Before the installation of the substation, a good project should be done, the necessary needs should be determined and the equipment should be prepared. It is necessary to prepare a good report in the installation of substations, to make the necessary power calculations in detail, to provide cable section and temperature controls and to calculate short circuits. During the installation of the substations, a plan is prepared by our company and the drawing process of the line diagrams is completed, and assembly and architectural activities are carried out.

Panels in Substations

Panels are the most important building blocks found in transformer substations. The panels manage the energy in the substations and ensure that the electricity is directed and transmitted uninterruptedly. External security measures are applied to the panels.


Energy Efficiency in Substations

In order to increase the energy efficiency of the transformer center to be established, firstly goals are determined. Then, measurement errors and visual reports are prepared by following the transformer values. Factors that increase the energy efficiency of the project are determined by evaluating the results. Processes are applied to increase the energy efficiency of the facility with engineering techniques.