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Wind power plants are the name given to a production facility that is formed by the combination of equipment that converts wind energy, which consists of temperature, pressure and humidity phenomena created by solar energy on the earth, into electrical energy. In the installation of wind power plants, appropriate work is carried out based on factors such as wind speed, direction and blowing time. In order to generate electricity from wind energy, a wind power plant should be established and equipment should be selected according to the meteorological characteristics of the region.

What is a Wind Power Plant?

Wind power plant is the name given to the systems that transform wind power into mechanical and electrical energy through the turbines. Since wind energy is the most abundant and continuously occurring element among renewable energy sources, it is an energy source that provides serious benefits to consumption. The main structural element is the wind turbine and its maintenance and breakdown costs are almost non-existent due to the lack of a complex structure. When the R & D studies and the right meteorological elements are brought together, it will create a continuous energy source.


Wind Power Plant Installation

The most important factor in wind power plant installation is the selection of the appropriate location. Maximum efficiency is obtained in areas where the wind speed is high and there are no pre-factors to reduce the wind speed. Therefore, pre-field studies and proper location selection are important in wind turbine installation.

Studies in Wind Energy Power Plant Installation

  • Feasibility studies
  • Wind measurements
  • Lidar wind measurements
  • Wind farm layout optimizations
  • Energy production forecasts – Bankable Reporting
  • CFD model
  • Turbine Research
  • Wind farm performance and acceptance tests
  • Environmental and sound effects research
  • Application Projects
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Investment applications
  • System price determination and economic research
  • Project method

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