IZFEN - Solar Power Plants

In parallel with the increasing population around the world, energy needs increase at the same rate. For this purpose, many enterprises are in search of more efficient use of energy resources and new energy resources. Solar power plants (SPP), which have the largest place and potential among renewable energy sources, when used correctly, meet most or all of their energy needs and significantly reduce the energy costs of enterprises. Businesses, especially rooftop solar power plants, have the opportunity to convert solar energy into electrical energy and use it in facility activities.

IZFEN – SPP Training

IZFEN operates in renewable energy plants, especially solar power plants. Our company, which has realized the installation of a SPP project with a power of approximately 180 mW since its establishment, creates your renewable energy projects with Solar Power Plants solutions.

We carry out training and information activities about the power plants we have installed. We offer you many trainings on the use of test equipment for post-installation services, error analysis and solution generation. Utilization of solar power plant, intervention in case of a possible failure, data monitoring & analysis, efficient use etc. We provide support with our expert team in many subjects.