2020 – Şanlıurfa 1.1MW SPP Land Application – European Union CFCU Project

The 1.1 MW Land GES application project, which we have undertaken as IZFEN Energy, has been set up in Şanlıurfa and has been made ready for electricity generation. The 1.1 MW land solar power plant installation project has been successfully completed by our company.

Project Setup Details

  1. Ground Types have been analyzed. According to the adequacy of the technical values, manufacturing on Steel Fastening Foundations has been preferred.
  2. Topographic Measurement and Application Works were carried out, then excavation splitting / filling and leveling operations were carried out in proportion to these measurements.
  3. Steel carrier elements were nailed to the points determined by GPS application in the field, carrier systems were built on it and made suitable for panel placement.
  4. Panel Layout, Wiring, Inverter Installations, Measurement and Monitoring stations were installed and commissioned, and our power plants were offered to the service of institutions.
Project Power 1.100,00 kW (1.1 mW)
Project Name European Union CFCU Project
Project Location Şanlıurfa
Commissioning Date 2020
PV Panel 4320 Pieces 275W Polycrystal (A Grade)
Inverter 12 Pieces 100KW ABB PVS100-KTL Model
Transformer center Astor
Switchgear Materials Siemens ve ABB

Project Images

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