IZFEN – Facility Engineering and Design

As IZFEN Energy company, we are able to provide services under the control of the Projects Coordinator, with our project design and design engineers that we employ in our own projects in the projects we undertake. Our current Project department has provided Energy Project design, project design and engineering services at a level of 180MW in total, large and small, so far.


The works that our company can do within the scope of our Engineering and Design services can be as follows;

• Obtaining Legal Permits and Connection Opinions in accordance with Licensed or Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulations

• Drawing and Engineering Calculations of Power Plant Project Layouts

• Power Plant General Layout Plan

• MV-HV Single Line Diagram

• LV Single Line Diagram

• YG / LV Cable Distribution Plan

• Section and Plan Views of Structures

• Preparation of Projects Suitable for Foundation Analysis and Soil Structure

• Making Structural Steel Projects

• Preparation and Design of Elevation and Section Plans of Buildings

• Soil Investigation Studies

• Preparation of Steel Construction Manufacturing Pictures

• Preparation of Cross Section Plans of Transformers, Cells and Panels

• Preparation of Fire Detection, Alarm and Extinguishing Projects

• Grounding and Lightning Protection Plans

• Preparation of Facility Lighting Projects

In addition, within the scope of Facility Engineering and Design activities, we are also competent in the following subjects;

• Energy Potential Analysis and Feasibility Report of the Facility to be Built

• Making the Financial Feasibility Reports of the Investment

• Making climate and shading calculations regionally

• Investigation of Regional Energy Transmission Line and Connection Opportunities

• Following the license and autoproducer processes

• Determining the most accurate equipment and design

• Execution of EIA Processes

• Performance Evaluation of Power Plant Units


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