IZFEN – Power Plant Engineering & Design

As Izfen Energy and Engineering, we undertake the engineering and design works of power plants. With more than 10 years of engineering experience in the sector, we are structuring power plant projects on turnkey basis by producing the most suitable solutions.

Power Plant Solutions

In direct proportion to the increase in the number of people living in the world, energy needs are constantly increasing around the world. In order to meet these energy needs, power plants that can generate and transmit energy have been established. Energy is produced and consumed from various raw materials, especially renewable energy sources.

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Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration is the production of electricity and heat energy over the same system, so it has an important place in today’s modern energy management techniques. In cogeneration systems, heat energy is produced from the heat released during electricity generation and the system is operated with optimum efficiency. Thus, the heat energy generated during energy generation is also converted into usable energy.

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Generators are systems that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Alternating currents provide great convenience in the distribution and transmission of electrical energy generated in power plants. Generator systems are used to produce alternating current. As İZFEN Energy, we produce solutions suitable for your generator needs within the scope of power plant design and engineering.

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